About me

Dearest readers,

Thank you for spending your time reading my post. I hope you like my short articles which I wrote as well as those pictures which I have uploaded. There are many photographers on earth. What drives a good photographer is the passion that lies within. I wish I can be this great person who can share wonderful pictures around the world where not everyone can experience; to feel the reality of the world. Both the good and the bad perspective of each country.

Doing photography is not easy. The non stop working to get the right moment is a challenge. The result of good picture drives the constant adrenaline for the photographer. A good feedback fits the mind of the photographer, challenging him or her to attain better photographs. I thereby appreciate the time you spend at viewing my work and If you think my pictures are good, please give me your “like”. This will be a great affirmation of my work.

Once again, thank you for your time.

Best regards,

Kimy Chang

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