Singapore – Haw Par Villa – Our Chinese Mythology

Haw Par Villa is one of the main tourist attractions in Singapore located along Pasir Panjang road. This park has a nice family history between two Burmese-Chinese brothers – Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par who were also the founder of Tiger Balm in Singapore. They moved their business in Burma to Singapore in the 1924 and built Tiger Balm Gardens in 1937. This house below used to be in Tiger Balm Garden built by Boon Haw as a present to his brother Boon Par. Unfortunately, it was demolished by the Japanese during the World War II.

Haw Par Villa Manson
Haw Par Villa Mansion 1940

In 1986, the International Theme Parks Pte Ltd decided to invest this garden to a theme park, wishing to create an ‘oriental Disneyland’. More than $30 million was pumped to make this park a success. It used to have a water roller coaster and a water ride boat for the visitors to visit the park as far as I could remember.

IMG_2948 - Copy
Entrance to Hell – Ten Courts of Hell (18 storeys of Hell)

In 1988, Singapore Tourism Board decided to rename this park to Haw Par Villa Dragon World for the locals to enjoy themselves during weekends or holidays. However, due to over pricing during the late 1990s, this attraction became less interested, resulting in millions of dollars of losses. Water rides hence ended their time in this park removed from this park eternally. You can no longer see the dragon head or tunnel seeing the Chinese hell. On the other hand, many of the statues have been preserved. This park is now open on everyday between 9 am to 7 pm (estimated time to spend there is about 2 hours) with free admission.

Old Haw Par Villa Gate
IMG_3030 - Copy
Preserved Haw Par Villa Gate

If you wish to explore Chinese mythology, folklore, history and the Chinese ten courts of hell or 18th storeys of hell. This is a place to visit. You can visit this place by using Singapore MRT system; closest mrt station is Har Paw Villa station. Parking is around $5 per entry.

Below are some of the pictures I took during this trip:


All Photographs on this Blog, Copyright © 2015 Kimy Chang, All rights reserved


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