Myanmar,Yangon and Township of Dagon: The Hardship

Myanmar, previously known as Burma, has now changed to becoming one of the fastest growing countries, filled with great potentials and opportunities. After the approval of temporary lifting of US sanction in Myanmar, this country has now opened to  new foreign investments and aids. Together with the newly elected government, Burmese are now much open to speak about politics without the fearing of getting jailed or killed. However, as many things such as freedom of speech, telecommunication and technology have improved – local residents now hardly use landlines via street stall or typewriters, this drastic change has resulted in a higher inflation rate for the poor, causing tremendous stress on their financials.

Furthermore, from my point of view, the adaptation from a military regime to a free country can be so diverse that it may entail an unknown threat to the mentality of conservative Burmese. The ability to source information online as well as television, for instance, has directed the lowly educated Burmese to have a wrong understanding of how the “Outside” life is – wild and with hot sex. Burmese girls have started wearing mini-skirts and shorts where you will not find this previously – maybe few years ago.

This exponential transformation needs to be controlled through better and proper public education in order for Myanmar to develop, to alleviate poverty and to maintain Burmese culture.

My trip, this time, travels from Yangon to township of North and South Dagon. Below are some of my pictures taken on this trip.



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